Urgent information about school closure

Dear Parents and carers
As you are aware, we have had to make the decision to close the school today, and I wanted to give you some more information about the reasons for this. At 8.10 this morning we had a sudden loss of electrical power in many areas of the school. This also affected the boiler which lost power, and the heating went off. An electrician arrived at the school shortly after 9am, and we were hoping that it would be a simple fix. However, they have discovered that one of the underground cables which supply the electricity to the school has been damaged.
As a result of this, they are fitting an emergency generator today, but this won’t arrive until much later. The building is getting progressively colder due to the loss of heating, and many rooms have no lighting. It is because of this that the decision was made to close the school. I know that this will be an inconvenience for many of you, but I hope that you understand the need to keep pupils safe.
The good news is that the generator should be installed later today and that we will have power for the rest of the week, so will be open as usual tomorrow. Should there be any changes we will update you later by text.
Thank you for your patience and understanding this morning.
Best wishes
Seán Kretz
Head Teacher

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