Topic Based Curriculum at Key Stage 1 to 3

Pupils at Key Stages 1 to 3 follow a topic-based curriculum that links together all subjects of the National Curriculum. Termly topics give opportunities to strengthen and broaden English and Mathematics skills (which are also taught in discrete sessions) and to develop and generalise knowledge and skills in all subject areas. There is a planned 3-year cycle for each Key Stage which ensures coverage of the National Curriculum in all subject areas. Topics are chosen which are flexible enough to allow pupils to access learning at different levels and to learn new skills at the most appropriate level of challenge.

The topic-based curriculum aims to enthuse and engage pupils in learning activities and it provides opportunities for collective curriculum enhancement activities – for example a shared Diwali party or a visit from an outside artist. Teaching and learning is highly practical and pupils are given opportunities to work in different groupings (eg: whole class, small group or one-to-one) depending on the activity. Ongoing observation and assessment ensures that all pupils make progress which is regularly shared with parents.

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