School Meals

Westfield school lunches are cooked on the premises, using fresh, healthy ingredients and most of our pupils choose to have them. The daily cost to parents is £1.70. This is subsidised by the school because we recognise the benefit that a good quality meal in the middle of the day can have for a pupil’s learning and wellbeing.

Please click below to see our current menu –
(beginning of a new term always starts with week 1):

Lunchtime menu 2017/18- weeks 1-4

Also available to order daily: Jacket Potatoes (please order before 9.30 a.m.) and Salads. In addition, a selection of fresh breads is also available daily. Please inform the Cook if you require the vegetarian option or of any special dietary requirements.

Packed lunches are provided for those children eligible for Free School Meals when classes are out on trips. Typically these will contain (subject to availability) sandwich/roll: cheese/ham/chicken, crisps/yoghurt, fat free fruit slice/shortbread, fruit and a drink.

All meals are prepared and cooked on site containing fresh ingredients, locally sourced where possible, and incorporating fresh vegetables.  

This 4 week menu is prepared in line with the Food Nutritional Standards.