Off Site Activities

Learning that takes place away from the classroom is a very important part of the curriculum at Westfield. What better way could there be to learn about life in the Middle Ages than to visit an historic castle? Or where could you possibly find out more about yourself than when tackling the Ten Tors Jubilee Challenge on Dartmoor? Recognising the value of such off-site learning opportunities, staff at Westfield do everything they can to provide our pupils with a rich programme of activities that captures the imagination and provokes a genuine excitement for learning.

Each class from Year 4 upwards enjoys a residential experience every year and regular opportunities for educational visits exist for all pupils: to the theatre, local farms, other schools, sporting venues, musical events, etc., etc. The list is endless! A very big part in the programme is played by Outdoor and Adventurous Activities and all pupils enjoy opportunities to sail, walk, climb, canoe and a host of other outdoor challenges during their time at the school.