Independent Living Skills

For pupils at Westfield the opportunity to learn all the skills they are going to need if they are to become confident, independent people in the world beyond the school is as important as the opportunity to learn the subjects of the National Curriculum. After all, what is the point of gaining qualifications in school if you can’t use a bus to get yourself to work? How are you going to live an independent life if you can’t cook yourself a meal?

During their time at Westfield all pupils work their way up our Independent Living Skills ladders. Setting their own targets and providing evidence when they have achieved them, our pupils understand that making progress in these essential life skills is one of the most important things they will do while they are with us.

Regular opportunities exist for every pupil to develop their independent living skills in the caravan that the school owns on a local holiday park. Here they can cook meals, change duvets and even do the washing up (!) in a safe, supported environment.