learning and teachingWe teach the full National Curriculum at Westfield, with a clear focus on the basic skills of literacy and numeracy. All of our pupils have found learning difficult in the mainstream classrooms: our challenge is to offer them teaching that challenges them and that supports them to make excellent progress, but is presented to them in ways that they can cope with. This may be through adjustments in the speed at which subjects are covered or it may be through careful selection of the elements of a programme of study that are of most importance to our pupils.

At all times an emphasis is placed on experiential, hands on learning, such as the work our pupils undertake in our radio station, on the allotment or in the local community.  The purpose of our curriculum is to provide the knowledge, skills and experiences that our pupils will need if they are to take their place as confident and contributing members of society in the world beyond Westfield. For many of them the goal for adult life is paid employment and a strong theme of vocational education is developed as pupils move through KS4 and Post 16 phases of the school.

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Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)
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Broadening Horizons Silver Level
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