Excellent behaviour is the platform for excellent learning at Westfield. All of our pupils are supported to behave as well as they possibly can and to understand that how they behave has an impact upon everyone around them. Good behaviour is rewarded throughout the school in ways that are appropriate for each child, whether it be earning Golden Time minutes in primary classes or working towards VIVO rewards in the secondary phase.
Westfield’s response to inappropriate behaviour is clear and carefully structured: the Five Stage Approach sets out a pathway of support and sanctions that is designed to moderate behaviour. Individualised programmes of support are designed for children who are not able to respond to the structure of the Five Stage Approach.
At times in their school lives a small number of our pupils need physical intervention to moderate their behaviour. All Westfield staff are trained in Team Teach principles and practice, giving them the skills they need to de-escalate difficult situations and the confidence to step in if a physical intervention is needed.
Incidents of bullying are very rare at Westfield: concern for other people is a priority for us all and the quality of relationships within the school is often remarked upon by visitors. However, we take nothing for granted and all pupils have the opportunity to consider bullying, what forms it takes and how we can avoid it.

Please click here to view the DCC Anti Bullying Leaflet (information and advice for parents)