Homework Policy

“Based on DCC model Policies – Update due shortly to reflect the new statutory guidance for schools ‘Keeping Children safe in Education’ April 2014”



  • All pupils benefit from support and encouragement at home and through opportunities to extend learning beyond the school day.
  • Pupils at Westfield are entitled to receive homework that is appropriate, both with regard to its complexity and frequency
  • Pupils at Westfield have a personalised curriculum carefully matched to their individual needs – the homework they are given will reflect and enhance these individual plans. The most beneficial quantity and type of homework therefore will vary widely.


  • To include homework as part of the school’s overall learning and assessment strategy
  • To provide opportunities for each pupil and family to develop and share positive learning experiences
  • To promote home-school partnership where parents are both well informed and actively involved in their child’s learning
  • To enable pupils to develop the skills, work habits, confidence and motivation to study on their own


Homework practice and purpose will change and develop as pupils move through the school. The following guidelines outline the range of extended learning and homework opportunities that can form part of a pupil’s homework programme.


  • All pupils will choose a book to read at home, and there will be opportunities to change these on a regular basis. A record will be kept of books read and any comments made by parents/carers, school staff or pupils.

Independent Living Skills (ILS)

  • A central part of the curriculum at Westfield is the development of Independent Living Skills. Copies of the ten ILS ladders are in the Home-School Planners and pupils’ skills are best developed through a partnership of parents/carers and school staff.

Homework for pupils completing accredited courses

  • For Key Stage 4 pupils completing certain courses there will be an expectation that homework is both set and completed, as this will be an important contribution towards successful accreditation.

Homework for classes and individual pupils across the school

  • Homework may be given in other subjects and to pupils of any age at the discretion of the class/subject teacher if it is thought that this will be of benefit to the individual pupil. Homework will not necessarily be set for the whole class. Parents/carers are encouraged to discuss the individual needs of their child with the class teacher.

Use of ICT

  • There are opportunities for pupils to complete some home-learning via the internet. This includes the use of Sumdog (a mathematics program) for secondary-aged pupils and a variety of cross-curricular activities on Busy Things for primary-aged pupils. User names and passwords for these will be sent home at the beginning of the Autumn Term.

Details of any homework to be completed will be written in the Home School Planners and these also contain information and guidance (eg: the Alphabetic Code) that can support pupils and parents/carers in a range of home-learning experiences. Further guidance can be supplied by subject teachers on request (eg: Calculations Policy).

Other documentation:

  • Curriculum Policy No 13
  • Assessment, Recording and Reporting Policy

UNCRC: Article 29: All children have the right to an education which helps them to develop to their individual potential

Article 31: Every child has the right to rest, play and to do things they enjoy