Home School Books and Planners

Home school books play an essential role in communication between home and school. Students receive a new book each year. The books contain information regarding the school day, school policies and the curriculum which both students and their parents/carers might find useful. The books can be used by parents/carers to inform school about issues concerning their son/daughter or to ask for further information about aspects of school. The class tutor will use the book to inform parents/carers about how their son/ daughter is getting on and about any significant events.

The frequency of communication from school will depend on the individual student’s needs. Secondary students are encouraged to use their planners to help them plan and complete their work, manage their time, record their achievements and monitor their progress in their targets.

We encourage students to take good care of their home school books and bring them to school every day. We also ask parents/carers to sign the books to indicate that they see the book regularly.