Governors Meeting Update November 2014

Governors were treated to a buffet prepared by post 16 students demonstrating the skills they had learnt in their new bungalow. Mrs Jeffcott then briefed the Governors on the changes she had introduced to date including the opening of the café and the manufacture of jams, chutney and craft work.  The future development of the base was then discussed both in terms of the range of activities and learning and also the refurbishment and extension of the bungalow due to be completed by September 2015. The aim remains that all students will leave the base with nationally recognised accreditation.

The Governors agreed a proposal to reconstitute the Governing Body in order to meet new government policy.  This will not affect the way the Governing Body works.  There are currently three vacancies which will not now be filled and some Governors’ titles will change; otherwise business goes on as normal.

The Headteacher reported on the performance of the teaching staff.  This produced lots of debate amongst the Governors and I am pleased to report that the continued training provided by the school and through TADSS (The Teaching Alliance of Dorset Special Schools), of which Westfield is the lead school, is proving to be very effective with individual teachers all reported as either good or outstanding.

The Governing Body would like to congratulate the staff and children for all their hard work in producing a fantastic performance of Romeo and Juliet performed at Weymouth Pavilion as part of the Shakespeare for Schools Festival.

On behalf of the Governing Body may I wish all staff, pupils and their families a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year; I look forward to meeting many of you at the school activities over the next few weeks.

Bruce Bonwell
Chair of Governors
November 2014