Governors Meeting Update 24th February 2014

The school has once again proved to be prudent with the budget, it is anticipated that our expenditure for the financial year will be within around 0.6% of our budget, however that is the good news, the bad news is that the Governments new funding for special schools is likely to hit all 5 Dorset special schools hard. Therefore we are currently carrying out a lot of lobbying at County Hall and have written to Prime Minister David Cameron and Education Minister Michael Gove suggesting amendments to their policy in order to protect our children and get a fair settlement for special schools.

We have recently installed a swipe card security system in the Primary area of the school, this will provide added security and a safer environment for our most vulnerable pupils when it goes live shortly.

The schools report on how it spends the Pupil Premium and the Primary Sports has recently been added to the website, it is pleasing to know that the children receiving the pupil premium are performing as well as their peers within the school.

Elaine Okopski gave a short presentation on the introduction of the Children and Families Bill, this will have a major impact on all agencies and families, Elaine has agreed to give the Governors a further update at their March meeting and we are also planning a presentation for parents and carers.

Finally I would like to say thank you to Su Robinson and Ann Edwards for their many years of dedicated service at Wesfield and wish them both a long and happy retirement.


Bruce Bonwell
Chair of Governors
February 2014