New technologies have become an  integral part of life in today’s society.  The internet and other digital and information technologies are powerful tools, which open up new opportunities for everyone. Electronic communication helps teachers and pupils learn from each other. Children and young people should have an entitlement to safe internet access at all times.
Westfield has a duty of care to ensure that the internet and related communication technologies are used appropriately and safely. The use of these exciting and innovative tools in school and at home has been shown to raise educational standards and promote pupil achievement.
There are many positive aspects to children using the internet. When we become aware of the possible problems, we should not panic and withdraw all access.  A responsible caring attitude will ensure the problem does not get ‘shifted’ somewhere else. The main areas of concern for us are social networking sites as this is the fastest growing area of internet use by young people and ‘cyber-bullying’.
Many of these risks reflect situations in the off-line world and it is essential that this e-safety policy is used in conjunction with other school policies (e.g. behaviour, anti-bullying and child protection policies).
As with all other risks, it is impossible to eliminate those risks completely. It is therefore essential, through good educational provision to build pupils’ resilience to the risks to which they may be exposed, so that they have the confidence and skills to face and deal with these risks.
As a school we provide the necessary safeguards to help ensure that we have done everything that could reasonably be expected  to manage and reduce these risks. We want to ensure that the whole school community – pupils, parents, carers and staff to be responsible users and stay safe when using the internet and other communications technologies for educational, personal and recreational use.
All members of the school community – pupils, parents, staff and visitors , are asked to sign and return acceptable use agreements to ensure everyone understands how digital and information technologies can be used safely, in and out of school.
Any concerns regarding Esafety should be reported to the class tutor initially who will pass this on to the Esafety officer if necessary.

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