Charging and Remission (& Lettings) Policy

“Based on DCC model Policies – Update due shortly to reflect the new statutory guidance for schools ‘Keeping Children safe in Education’ April 2014”

Charging and Remission

  • The School may make charges for some activities that are know as “optional extras”:  It is often appropriate to provide activities away from the premises, which form an integral part of our school curriculum.  Similarly, we offer some activities at Westfield, which involve us paying out additional moneys (e.g. cookery lessons or technology projects).  In order to offer our pupils the range of activities, which they both need and deserve, some of these activities will involve an additional cost.
  • We need to ask parents for a voluntary contribution towards these costs as they arise.  For overnight and residential trips we will need to make a charge for board and lodgings and petrol costs, so that the trip(s) may go ahead.  However, we do attempt to keep all costs down to the absolute minimum for both trips out and activities on site.  Occasionally, trips or activities may need to be cancelled if sufficient voluntary contributions are not received.
  • For parents who can prove that they are in receipt of benefits such as: Income Support, Income Based Job-seekers allowance, Support under part VI of the Immigration and Asylum Act, Child Tax Credit, etc. some of the costs of residentials may be claimed from specific delegated funds in respect of the board and lodging element.  Parents who are in receipt of these benefits should contact the school.  No child will be disadvantaged from any activities through financial considerations.
  • Should this issue cause any parent particular concern we would invite parents to inform their child’s class teacher of any specific difficulties so that the college can help to resolve the problem.

We operate a lettings procedure on the following criteria:

  • that any lettings can only be accepted with the School Business Manager’s agreement in the knowledge that the school can accommodate any such letting in terms of the Site Manager’s time, the college’s space and any events on site.
  •  that any lettings should not cost the school on balance.
  • that community use of the college’s facilities should be encouraged as long as this does not promote any conflict with the criteria above (2.1 and 2.2).
  • that any future scale of charges for other regular or occasional lettings be at the discretion of the School Business Manager having due regard to the criteria above (2.1 – 2.3).
  • that the responsibility for the operation of this policy is delegated to the Headteacher in line with the criteria above (2.1 – 2.4) and that the financial administration of this policy is in line with the procedures and guidance in the college’s Finance Manual.