Broadening Horizons Curriculum

Rationale for the Broadening Horizons curriculum

  • The central aim of Westfield Arts College is to “broaden the horizons” of all its pupils, and to enable them to live a life that is as fulfilled and independent as possible – both whilst they are pupils and when they eventually leave as young adults
  • Underlying Westfield’s commitment to the experiential curriculum outlined in “Broadening Horizons: Opportunities and Challenges” is a belief in the importance of providing a broad, balanced and engaging education for each pupil that develops and generalizes their learning across contexts and develops their self-confidence and well-being.
  • The Broadening Horizons curriculum describes both the opportunities that the school offers to pupils at different stages of their education and also presents challenges for pupils to achieve (eg: performing to an audience or the Jubilee Challenge). The three different levels of challenge are described in terms of Bronze, Silver and Gold so that each pupil will be provided with the opportunities most relevant to them – regardless of their age. However some of the opportunities are age-related in that they are part of the curriculum for certain age-groups (eg: Duke of Edinburgh award or a residential away from the UK mainland)
  • Westfield has a significant percentage of pupils in receipt of Pupil Premium and a proportion of this money is used to enable them to participate in experiences their families might otherwise find difficult to afford (eg: residential visits and theatre outings). Supporting pupils to learn appropriate ways to behave in social situations (eg: going to a shop or a café) can also be central in improving the quality of life of both pupils and their families.
  • An on-going record of each pupil’s engagement will be maintained with the aim of this creating a celebratory narrative of experience and achievement. When a pupil is considered to have participated fully in at least 10 of the opportunities/challenges at each stage (Bronze, Silver, Gold) then a certificate will be awarded by the school.