EarlyBird Plus

NAS EarlyBird Plus

For families with a child aged
between 4 and 8, with a diagnosis of

At schools across Dorset

The National Autistic Society (NAS) EarlyBird Plus Programme runs across Dorset, in the following venues: Westfield Arts College in Weymouth (co-ordinators for Dorset), Yewstock School in Sturminster Newton, Mountjoy School in Beaminster (currently unavailable), Beaucroft School in Wimborne.

What is the NAS EarlyBird Plus Programme?
The NAS EarlyBird Plus Programme is a three-month training programme that combines group-training sessions with individual home visits.

Who runs the Programmes?
The Programmes are co-ordinated by Westfield Arts College, Weymouth, and delivered by teams of Licensed Trainers across Dorset.  Trainers are local professionals with experience and understanding of autistic spectrum disorders.  They have been trained to run the programme at the NAS EarlyBird Centre in South Yorkshire.

Who can attend the programme?
Parents of a child aged over 4 and under 9 with a diagnosis of autistic spectrum disorder can attend the programme, along with a professional who works with their child.  The programme is mainly offered to families within the Dorset County Council area.

What are the aims of the programme?
To empower parents / carers.
To encourage a consistent approach between home and school by training parents and professionals together.
To help establish good practice and consistency in your child’s life.

What will we learn about?
The NAS Early Bird Plus programme will help you to:

  • understand your child’s autistic spectrum disorder.
  • help improve communication with your child.
  • help to develop practical strategies to pre-empt problem behaviours and/or manage those which do occur.

Will the programme cure my child’s autism?
We do not offer a cure at EarlyBird Plus BUT we do offer hope.


What do I do next?
Contact Caroline Hubbuck or Trisha Brooks at Westfield for more details, an information pack or an informal chat

Tel: 01305 833518
Mob: 07444836954
Fax: 01305 835414
Email: office@westfield.dorset.sch.uk
or Email: earlybird@westfield.dorset.sch.uk
NAS Website: www.autism.org.uk/earlybird

The Value of the EarlyBird Plus course

  • “Very friendly and welcoming programme … also a chance to talk to parents in the same boat as you so you don’t feel alone” (Mother)
  • “That it is a fantastic insight into the world of ASD and a must” (Mother)
  • “This has been one of the best courses that I have ever attended.  I feel more confident and equipped to support parents, teaching staff and children more, thank you so much” (SENCO)
  • “It will not only help you to understand the theoretical aspects of autism but give you the tools to deal with it and help the child.  During the course you realise that there are other parents with exactly the same issues” (Parent)
  • “By far the single most useful training you can go to regards ASD” (TA)