The Royal College of Speech & Language – ‘Giving Voice’ – Joke Competition

Recently, Sandbanks, Lulworth and Radipole have taken part in a joke competition. The Royal College for Speech and Language are running a competition ‘Giving Voice’ to support, build communication skills and develop confidence among children.

We had some brilliant entries into the competition including:

My wife told me to stop acting like a flamingo, so I put my foot down!
Lucy, Radipole

How is the alphabet different at Christmas to every other day?
There’s Noel!
Corey, Sandbanks

Knock knock
Who’s there?
Nanya who?
Nanya business!
Dean, Lulworth

Many other schools are have entered the competition and the jokes will need to be whittled down to 25. If our joke is one of the chosen 25 then we could be visiting London for the award ceremony!

The chosen joke is….. *drum roll*

My friend thinks he is smart. He said onions are the only food that makes you cry, so I threw a coconut at his face!
Alfie, Sandbanks


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