Governors Meeting 25th April 2016

Firstly may I congratulate the School Business Manager and her team for once again for their superb management of out finances with a budget of £3.6m we have ended the financial year with a small surplus of £28,000, this is around 0.75% of our total budget. In other words we have spent 99.25% of the monies given to us to manage the school. We  have also set the school budget for this financial year. An increase in the number of pupils especially in the sixth form sees our budget rise to £3.9m, however because of real terms cut in the education funding our budget will not stretch as far in the coming year. The Governing Body has decided that we will maintain our current complement of staff and indeed increase it slightly to cater for an increase in sixth form numbers and so will have to cut back on funding used to improve both the facilities and the fabric of the school buildings.

The school has been carefully following the government’s recent announcements on academisation. To date there is very little details behind the headline announcements and until we are in possession of all the facts the school will not be rushed into making rash decisions and will continue to maintain a watching brief.

Finally may I thank the 50% of parents who took the time to fill in and return the parent survey, the results were very encouraging and have been scrutinised by both the Senior Leadership Team and the Governing Body. We also spent time discussing how we could encourage the other 50% of parents to engage with the school and are now considering putting the survey on line (survey monkey). We also considered handing out the survey forms during parents’ evenings at the school.

Bruce Bonwell
Chair of Governors
April 2016